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Getting Started

No, we do not have a minimum quantity for an order but the amount you order will be a deciding factor to which service we use to decorate your apparel. Direct to garment printing and embroidery have no minimums as our machines can decorate one at a time. Screen printing, on the other hand, has a minimum quantity of 12 garments getting the same design as our machine needs 12 items to decorate at a time. If you need less than 12 pieces, visit our Print on Demand product section to discover which products you are able to order 1-OFF’s from.

We have no setup fees at Canadian Custom Apparel, no hidden fees. The price we quote for you is the cost, there won’t be anything extra unless the specs of the order change.

We only accept outside garments with a minimum of 100 pieces for screenprinting (all getting the same design), 50 pieces for embroidery (all getting the same design) and 25 minmium for DTG printing (all getting the same design). We will also have to determine if the product you are bringing is able to be decorated with our machines and decoration processes.

 If you provide us with a file that is low resolution, pixelated or blurry, you need to understand that your printed goods will reflect that. Whatever shortcomings your file has, your final product will have. We are incredibly good at what we do, but we are not magicians. We will be up front with you and make sure that we work with you to get the best quality product.

Client acknowledges that they have all licenses and rights to the images they wish to print, releasing Canadian Custom Apparel from any legal liability pertaining to copyright issues. Canadian Custom Apparel claims no ownership of any artwork provided by the client that maybe subject to copyright infringement. We are simply printing the artwork. The client claims all ownership of the artwork they wish to print and will be held responsible for any copyright disputes.

It’s never a problem to mix shirt sizes, pick whatever sizes you like! If you want 50 shirts but you need 10 small, 10 medium, 10 large, 10 x-large, 10 2xl, not a problem at all. In terms of switching shirt colours, we do request that you order at least 12 per shirt colour. Please keep in mind that the shirt colors you choose will effect the techniques available for printing, as some methods do not work well with certain shirt colors.


All payment, unless otherwise coordinated by Canadian Custom Apparel staff, is required in full up front. The products we create are custom printed to your specification and once they have been printed are now useless to us. They cannot be returned to the supplier for a refund and cannot be sold by us as they’re printed with your art. This is why we do require upfront payment. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that you get what you’re paying for!

All payments at Canadian Custom Apparel are processed in store, via invoice or online. All online transactions are done using SSL encryption technology. No payment information is stored in our system (credit card numbers or otherwise) to ensure the security of your information. We don’t want the possibility of any unforeseen weakness in our system to ever negatively impact our customers, so rest assured that your information is safe with us!

Shipping & Delivery

Screen printing isn’t an exact science. Due to a number of factors both in our control and out of our control, sometimes shirts just don’t pass Quality Assurance (QA). Shirts that have holes, stains, bolt marker marks or rips (mfg defects) or shirts that have ghosting, ink smears or misprints (production defects) are usually shorted from the run. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered, shirts shorted from your order will be credited back to you. If any quality defects happened to slip through the cracks, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help sort them out.

Free Shipping for all orders over 300$. ***Excluding Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.

 Production turn around begins at the time when we’ve received payment for your order, we have all of the details and we have usable art files. Once all of these things have been received the clock on your order starts ticking. From start to finish we strive to meet the following windows: Print on Demand orders: take 3-5 business days + shipping time Bulk Orders: 7-10 Business Days + shipping time. Complex bulk orders: Could take up to 4 weeks. This includes services like neck tagging, custom socks, custom patches etc. To ensure we can meet this window, please approve all spec sheets as soon as possible and try to refrain from post payment changes. Changes to your order after payment will cause delays. If you need your order in a faster turnaround window than those listed above, please let us know. There are things we can do to make accommodations for your order.

Artwork & Design Help

Choosing a font for embroidery can be difficult. Many fonts that look great when printed might not translate well for embroidery work. Some ways to ensure your embroidery will turn out well is to choose an easily legible font. One that has a decent amount of space between characters and one without distressed or stylistic features. Do not choose a hard to read, detailed font or it may not be able to translate well onto your product

If you have not ordered embroidery before you will be charged a $18.00 digitizing fee for us to be able to embroider your design. This fee comes from having to create a special file to send to our embroidery machine to achieve your desired design with stitches.

Your artwork is most efficent when created in vector format (AI, EPS or SVG file) or 300 DPI or higher resolution files. Technically, there are other types of files that can be used, like .jpg files but they don't garner the best results. .jpg files contain a lot of pixellation and it can be very difficult to color seperate. This can lead to lost crispness and definition in your design, translating into a fuzzy/jagged print. If you don't have these files listed before you start your order, please contact us so we can help lead you in the direction to ensuring that you get print ready art files.

Yes, our emboridery machines can only create up to an 11"x 11" print when ordering bulk. Screenprinting on the other hand can be printed up to 13"W, though we recommend a 11"W front print and 12"W back print for a normal centre chest or back. Our DTG machine can create oversized prints of up to 16"x20"W

Yes, we do. If you know your brands pantone colours that you would like us to use and do not see it in our Design Lab then write it in the notes of your order or email your brand guide over to us to match to your order!

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