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Whether you're a teacher looking to place a bulk spiritwear order for students, or you're a member of a club that's looking to raise funds by selling merch, our FREE online webstore services provide our clients the opportunity to sell their own custom products online through a click of a button. Out with the old and in with new! No more worrying about collecting money and gathering countless amounts of group information. Our custom webstores simplify the ordering process for both the organizer and end user. Simple, user-friendly pages that give the buyer an opprtunity to choose product(s), pick their size, and check out online. We also offer the opportunity for users to individually add custom decorations like a name or number to their garment(s). You pick the price you want to sell each garment at, and receive a cheque with the profit once the job is complete. 

5 simple steps to building your online store:

  1. Before you do anything, it's important to decide what types of products you'll want to sell online.
  2. Send us your logo. We will create digital mock ups of the product(s) for you to approve before we move forward. 
  3. Every webstore needs an "Opening" and "Closing" date. We will not start production until the closing date, so make sure your audience makes a purchase within your specific timeframe. We also will not add orders once the webstore closes. 
  4. Pick a domain name. All domains created will be custom and end in "deco-apparel.com". Example, www.[insertdomainname].deco-apparel.com
  5. Finally, pick the price you want to sell each garment at, market your webstore, start selling and get paid!


The best part about this process is we handle everything from receiving each indivual order one-by-one to packaging the orders up individually. There are no headaches for the organizer whatsoever, and this service is completely FREE.

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