Screen Printing

Minimum Order Quantity: 

12 pcs

Screen Printing Ink Options:

Plastisol Ink - Most widely used oil-based ink for screen printing. Very durable, flexible and easy to use in the screen printing process. 

Water-based Ink (72 pc min.) -  An ink which uses water as a solvent base to carry the pigment.

Discharge Ink (72 pc min.) - A specialized water-based ink that uses an activating agent to remove the dye from natural fibres, giving it that super soft and lightweight feel.  

4 Colour Process (72 pc min.) - Involves the use of four plates: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Keyline (Black). The CMYK artwork is separated into these four colours - one plate per colour. 

Specialty Inks/Decorations - glitter, puff print, foil printing, custom colour mixing, oversized prints



Minimum Order Quantity: 

1 pcs (on selected products)

Embroidery Options:

Flat Embroidery - When a decorative stitch is applied directly to a garment creating a flat design. Flat embroidery can be used for the most intricate and detailed designs without distorting the image makes it the most popular for embellishment.

3D Puff - A technique where foam is inserted under the top stitch to raise the surface, giving a three-dimensional look to your embroidery designs. The 3D foam effect is commonly used on caps. 

Embroidered Patches - A piece of embroidery which is created by using a fabric backing and thread. Can be applied to garments using thread or an adhesive backing.

Metallic Threads - A certain type of thread that appears to be made of metal, but is actually made of a synthetic material such as polyester. You can transform a flat, two-dimensional design into a more visually attractive, three-dimensional type picture using metallic thread.

Chenille - A textured embroidery that is created by forming loop stitches on the top side of fabric. Using wool, cotton, or acrylic yarns, it creates a unique texture that sets your embroidery apart from common, everyday embroidery designs.

DTG Printing

Minimum Order Quantity: 

1 pc

Direct-To-Garment Printing:

A newer technology where a printer directly applies ink onto a t-shirt/sweatshirt with inkjet technology. It's sort of like printing on paper, except on a t-shirt. DTG enables you to be able to print images in very high detail, with no colour limitations. 


Minimum Order Quantity: 

10 pcs

Sublimation Printing:

A process of printing to polyester that provides the most durable printing option. Inks are fused into the fabric as opposed to sitting on top of the of the baric such as in inkjet or screen printing.

All garments + accessories are fully customizable with unlimited design options.

Sublimation Products - all sports jerseys, sports wear, yoga wear, fitness wear, lifestyle/activewear, compression wear + accessories including headbands, bandanas, beanies, scarves, golf towels, wristbands and more! 


Heat Transfer

Minimum Order Quantity: 

1 pc

Personalization -  Add names & numbers to the front and back of your jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, and athletic gear. Numbers can be formatted on apparel in several different sizes for both single and double-digit numbers, with options to print 3-digits or more if you wish. We can even add numbers on sleeves and hoods by special request. 

Heat Transfer Options:

Full Colour Printed Heat Transfersideal for logos that have details, gradients, or more than 4 colours. They're a great alternative to screen printing and embroidery.

Specialty Vinyls :

Thermo Film - ideal for cotton/poly team uniforms

Sport Film - thin, flexible, and durable

Flock - suede-like finish, great for layering

Fashion Film - Metallic finish, thin, soft, durable

Glitter Film - Textured flitter finish, perfect for spirit wear

Glow - Glows lime green in the dark, thin, soft, durable


Tag Removal - Whether you’ve got printed tags or sewn in hem tags, tag removal is a way to get rid of that extra manufacturer information and make the garment feel more like it is yours and not just a generic tee.


Printed Tags (min. 25 pcs) - Are you looking for custom branding in your garments? Don’t want other people to know what garments you’re using? We’ve got you covered. Printed tags are a fantastic upgrade for your orders to help give you a leg up on the competition.


Woven Tags (min. 100 pcs) - Sewn in tags add a nice touch to sleeves, bottom hems, pockets, hoods, hats, and many other items. 


Folding & Bagging - Tired of having to fold shirts before you ship them out? Keep them neat and clean by having them folded and bagged before you even receive them. Complete with size stickers posted on the outside of the bags, it creates a grab and go with retail quality. 


Hang Tags - A tag attached to a garment or other piece of merchandise that includes information about the manufacturer or designer, the fabric or material used, the model number, care instructions and sometimes the price. 

  Live Printing


An interactive service that brings CCA to you, printing t-shirts on the spot at any event big or small. If you're wanting to create an experience for your audience and engage them in a way that they don't typically have the opportunity to engage in - live printing is a great option.

We come prepared with predetermined designs, making the printing process quick, easy and fun for all. 


  • Grand Openings, Festivals, Live Music, Sporting Events, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate outings, School Events, Holiday Parties, Special promotions/announcements


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