Custom Cut & Sew

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We are your solution for large scale custom textile manufacturing projects. Our specialized design team will help transform your ideas into actual product. We have worked with both large and small clients, everything from style led fabric designs to functional industry driven solutions. Each order will be custom quoted based on your specific needs and requirements. This helps us to ensure that we work with you one on one to get you the best product at the best price. We want you to know that we have your best interests in mind, a happy and successful customer makes us a stronger and a more successful business.

Cut & Sew

It’s a process of combining the different garment pieces where we cut the knit fabrics based on required pattern and sew them together to form a complete garment. We offer this service to satisfy any specific needs or requirements your garment must have. We are a one stop solution and offer everything from design to delivery to bring your ideas to life.

Custom Labelling & Branding

Are you looking for custom branding in or on your garments? Don’t want other people to know what garments you’re using? We’ve got you covered. We offer custom Printed tags as a fantastic way to upgrade your orders to help give you a leg up on the competition. We also offer hanging swing tags to give your products that retail level of quality. Pricing on this service will decrease as quantities increase and will span across your entire order.


What is sublimation? Well, simply put, sublimation is a process by which sublimation dyes are printed onto a transfer medium with a specially prepared. Thereafter, those dyes are then transferred from the medium to the garment under the heat and pressure delivered by a commercial heat press. Sublimation only works on garments made of polyester, or on specialty products given a polyester coating. The print is actually a part of the garment/coating. It doesn’t fade easily, wear, or have any texture or weight.

Numbering & Naming

Canadian Custom Apparel offers a robust design lab that allows you to add names & numbers to the front and back of your, jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, and athletic gear. Numbers can be formatted on apparel in several different sizes for both single and double-digit numbers, with options to print 3-digits or more if you wish. We can even add numbers on sleeves and hoods by special request. Need assistance or a team roster form? Just call contact us and any of our friendly sales & service team would be happy to assist you.