COVID-19  has undoubtedly changed up the way we’ve all been living our lives over the last year. One significant change that has come from this pandemic is the use of face masks. Everywhere you look now, people are sporting a face mask and trying to do their part in the fight against COVID-19. But this begs the question, are face masks here to stay?

Why Masks?

Due to the COVID-19 virus spreading via respiratory droplets that can come from our noses and mouths, masks are required to stop these droplets from being expelled onto other people or surfaces. Masks were used in other pandemic situations like the SARS pandemic in 2003, and they had a significant impact on slowing the spread of the SARS virus then. As we have learned from pandemics in the past and what we see now, face masks have repeatedly shown their effectiveness. Here is a helpful article that goes into further detail about face masks and their advantages.

So, What Does This Mean?

Since being proven to be effective, face masks will likely be a common requirement for some time. With vaccinations on the horizon and some already rolling out, people often think that face masks won’t be necessary for much longer. But this isn’t true. According to an interview carried out by CNN with medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, you will still need to wear a mask even after being vaccinated. The vaccine will help prevent you from getting sick, but this doesnt mean that you can’t carry the virus and spread it - making masks still necessary.

How Does This Affect Business Owners?

Ongoing restrictions are putting strains on business owners now, but having to wear masks is, thankfully, not the most taxing limitation. Since masks are the most common article of clothing at the moment, businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of this new trend. Here’s how branded face masks can make a difference for your business:

- Equip your staff with branded face masks to ensure your business is compliant with provincial regulations and, more importantly, keep your team safe.

- Face masks with your company brand help your staff look united even in these trying times and show the world you are taking this pandemic seriously. 

- Give face masks away to clients as a gift to thank them for their patronage. 

- Add face masks to your product line. Selling masks with your company logo is a great way to make more income and get your name out there at the same time.

- Donate your company branded face masks to non-profit organizations. People need masks now more than ever, and this is a great chance to do some good for your community.


CCA is on Your Side

If you need some branded face masks, we’re here to help! Contact us now to learn more about how Canadian Custom Apparel can help your business get the branded face masks it needs. Stay safe out there!


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